The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven

As the days shorten and the temperature drops, there’s no better place to be than in a good bar with a pint in your hand. This year we’ve brewed 7 beers to finish the year strong. Here’s a brief description of what we’ve brewed:


1. Leche DIPA: Strata & Mosaic - Oat Cream Double IPA

The third Oat Cream DIPA in the Leche series packs a lot of punch while staying smooth and drinkable. We were delighted with the first batch of this series (Citra and Idaho-7) that received a gold medal at the Barcelona Beer Challenge earlier this year, but for me this is the best and most balanced version we’ve done. When used correctly Strata is such a vibrant and punchy hop, and Joe’s got it spot on with this one. Will certainly be getting stuck into a few of these at the Christmas party.  


2. Madrileño VIII: Mosaic & Simcoe - Double IPA

The return of one of our favourite DIPA series. We like to keep the hop combos in this series pretty classic, often with proportions that we’ve tested in other NEIPAs or DIPAs. I love the punch and the balance between these two on the eighth version of the Madrileño. The body is smooth and hazy.

This is also the first Madrileño label designed by our branding guru Alberto aka Guajiro Bampo (@guajirobampo)…. he’s done so much fantastic work for us this year and I love the look of this label. Madrileño is back and better than ever.


3. Treasure: Best Bitter - Collab w/ Althaia & Bubbles

Our first bitter! As three Brits (in the brewing team) living in Spain, a nice best bitter is something we certainly miss. Especially as we move into autumn. We’ve brewed a small batch in collaboration with our friends Althaia and Bubbles and we’re really pleased with this smooth, malty bitter.

It’s definitely a style that we’re keen to develop more next year, and one that belongs on any tap list. And we’ll be pouring it at Osita for the next few months.


4.Pudding: Christmas Stout 

Our Christmas stout this year is based around a traditional Christmas pudding. Vanilla, candied peel as well as nutmeg and cinnamon give a rich, indulgent flavour profile. We’ve developed a complex base malt profile for our imperial stouts and we’re always looking to get the balance right with the adjuncts we add. I think this time we’ve got it spot on. The thick, chocolaty base of the stout comes through and is balanced with rich and decadent sweetness. And the warming Christmas spices round the beer off really nicely.


5. Candy Cane: Pastry Sour w/ Red fruits

Sometimes beer should just be fun. Earlier this year we released Candy, a super hopped Double IPA and for Christmas we’re releasing a fruity, semi sweet pastry sour with lactose.

We always look for balance and so this beer is lots of everything with big flavours complementing each other. Sweet and softly sour, with big red fruit flavours. It’s not for everyday but a great treat at home or down the pub.


6. Rags to Rags: Hazy IPA w/ Citra & Simcoe

First of a pair of hazy IPAs we’re launching in December. With Rags to Rags we continue to experiment with a slightly lower abv and lighter dry hop (following on from Fresh released in August) to try and build a flavour profile and body that packs plenty of flavour and is extra refreshing.

We’ve returned to one of our favourite hope combos to bring big fruity flavours and soft bitterness in a medium bodied and refreshing IPA. Definitely one to drink by the pint with your elbow on the bar.


7. Riches to Riches: Hazy IPA w/ Columbus & Mosaic

With the second hazy we’re releasing in December we’re going for punch. I really like the sweet spot around 6.7-7.2% for an IPA. Not quite getting to double IPA territory but with lots of body to play with.

The big punchy flavours of Columbus give this IPA a classic feel and Mosaic compliments some dank, lush and fruity flavours.

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